It’s Hump Day

For some reason, Midgardians refer to Wednesday as “Hump Day.”  It’s a name I prefer, given that “Wednesday” was originally “Odin’s Day,” and goodness knows the fewer times I have to say that name, the better.

To celebrate Hump Day, and with our exploring appetite whetted by our visit to the Physics Building rooftop garden, and because the weather in this part of Midgard has turned freakishly warm and springlike, Sigyn and I have ventured out to look at the new gardens on Lamar Street.  (It’s a good time, too.  With the campus officially closed for the holiday, we have the place pretty much to ourselves.)

These gardens make the human female both happy and sad.  Happy, because they are rather nice, and sad, because the Horticulture Department used to own this part of campus, and there were “greenhouses here, full of amazing exotic plants and surrounded by all sorts of colorful annuals, perennials, and shrubs.”  However, Engineering took them over in one of their colossal land-grabs (a department after my own heart!), tore up all the gardens, turned the greenhouses into offices and computer labs, and planted some new, modern gardens.  I figure anything that reduces her to tears and then earns her grudging approval is worth a look.

There are some fine, gurgly fountains.

lamar fountain

Sigyn wants to know where the water goes.  Come to think of it, so do I.

There are roses blooming–even in December!


Yellowish ones, too.


Do they smell good?  I understand that some of the newer cultivars don’t have any scent at all.


Mmmmm.   No one has figured out how to put aroma into a blog, or we’d share.

Wait–what are those…things?


There, Sigyn!  There are your humps!  It’s Hump Day after all!  But they’re so strangely plush and very, very green…  What kind of turf have the landscape architects installed here?


Evidently, the Astro kind.

>|: [





  1. They stole the greenhouses?? I LOVED the greenhouses! And the plant sales. I once kept a pot garden alive for two whole semesters! (You’d have loved it, Loki. All the plants were green.)

  2. On a serious note. . Really? Horticulture got trumped for engineering? That is horrible.
    It’s no wonder why Monsanto is able to feed us Frankenstein veggies… no one is learning how to grow things properly, but they are learning how to engineer things to eat. Ouch!

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