The Gift of Glass, Part I: Sigyn Makes a Beeline for the Red Things

Sigyn does not have an acquisitive nature. She always says she doesn’t want presents and doesn’t need more “stuff.”  (And really, anything mine is hers already, as well as anything that belongs to the human female that I can lay my grabby hands upon.) Last Yule, rather than give Sigyn a physical gift, I decided to do something fun with her instead.  Thus, our visit to the glass paperweight collection at the University.

That was such a resounding success that we decided to do it again.    The university is closed, but there’s no lock a determined Loki can’t handle.  The glass collection is huge and they are always mounting new exhibitions, so there’s a good chance we’ll see something different.

Sigyn is so excited, she hardly knows where to look first!  This exhibit is about different production methods, and how they get all the pretty colors.


So glass + gold = red, eh?  Interesting.


I have to say that the signage is very interesting.  I did not know that they tortured glass in such a fashion.


Oh, my.  Yes, sweetie, that is fancy.  Do you like it?  If you change your mind about actual presents,  just say the word and it can come home with us.  They have so many pieces that if we spread the remaining ones out a little, they’d never know it was missing.

Or would you rather have this Presidential cranberry glass?


I see you peeking.

>|: [


  1. Stunning! I also fancy cranberry glass. When you were here at the Thanksgiving feasting time, did you notice that I have several pieces of it? I’d be happy to let Sigyn have any that she fancies.

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