Day: December 28, 2015

The Gift of Glass, Part II: A Cameo Appearance

The glass collection is notable for including a good number of cameo glass pieces.  Talk about fiddly!  These are made by layering different colors of glass and then carving the top layer away.  For a species with such short lives, humans seem to be willing to spend huge chunks of their allotted spans working on items that have no practical purpose.  I don’t know about Sigyn, but I know I would never have the patience to do this.

Carving on a flat surface would be hard enough…


but working on curves must be very difficult.


Sigyn wishes she could get a little closer.  I shouldn’t magic her inside the case, but I can make the vase easier to see.  Magnify!


Some of the vessels seem to be depicting stories, which aren’t always on the cards.  For example, why is the flying baby poking the floppy lady with a twig?


Sigyn likes the cute little owl on this vase, while I am more interested in the serpent on its foot.


Watch out, little glass squirrel–that snake cannot be distracted by waving bits of vegetation!

Sigyn says she thinks maybe this one has three layers, with some dark blue between the white and the turquoise.


After looking at all the pieces, she’s decided this is the most beautiful piece on display, and I wouldn’t say she’s wrong.


It could only be more beautiful if it were red.



Anything my lady desires.

>|: [