Day: December 29, 2015

The Gift of Glass, Part III: If You Had To Choose…?

Fandral’s mustache wax!  There is another whole room full of glass today.  These pieces have colored glass drizzled over the clear.


Hmm…  This is giving me ideas.  I could fuse encouraging messages in colored glass onto the human female’s bathroom mirror.  Things like, “Just because you failed to meet this year’s goals doesn’t necessarily mean you will also fail in 2016,”  or “Your hair only looks a little bit worse in the back than you think it does,” or “Relax–No one will notice that pimple, or if they do, they will be kind enough to laugh only behind your back.”

Sigyn, usually fairly eloquent, has been mesmerized by the rainbows coruscating off this cut glass…


and is reduced to pointing and saying, “Oooo!  Sparkly!”

But wait!  Sigyn, look over there!   There are some teeny tiny vases and some paperweights!  The ones with flowers are always your favorites, right?


Note that Sigyn has parked herself on top of the case, the better to gaze down at these vitreous gardens.  Um, dearest, I think the guard is becoming antsy.  Do climb down and come look at the others.


Sigyn is enthralled by this lepidopteran marvel.  It reminds me of this year’s Halloween costume.

As ornate as that one is, this one is even more intricate:


No, wait!  This one is my favorite.


Which piece do you like best, Sigyn?

Interesting.  I would have figured the butterfly for sure, because a) butterfly and b) red(dish), but she’s chosen the lizard because it has flowers and green plants and an animal.  I agree–it’s a splendid bit of workmanship.  Next time the guard is distracted, I shall smuggle it out.

And I’ll come back for the butterfly in a day or so…

>|: [