The Proper Funerary Rites for Crustaceans

Sigyn is fascinated by lobsters and has long desired to have one for a pet. Imagine her consternation, then, when the human male brought this home from the market the other day.  I was hoping to sneak it into the cooling unit before she could see it, but no such luck.   It took her a minute, but when she figured out what it was…

lobster tail

… she required several hugs and a good deal of comforting.

Therefore, I have not informed her of the Secret Yummy Ingredient in tonight’s delicious Hatch green chile mac and cheese, which the humans have concocted in honor of the New Year.

lobster 2

The pink bits are just decoration, Sigyn.  Mmmm.  Yes, it does smell good!

>|: [


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