The Great Undecking

The time has come the Walrus said…

Ack! Pardon me.  Sigyn has been reading me bits of the latest book she’s enjoying and some of it must be sticking.

What I meant is, the time has come and the humans have finally gotten off their amply rounded hinderparts and made a move to take down the Yule decorations.  “But we’ve been busy!” they whine.  Save it, mortals.  Just put all the falderals and gew-gaws away.  (Especially the falderals.  Can’t abide falderals.)

Sigyn has asked to be in on the “fun.”  She is making some new friends in the process.


Be careful, dearest!  If any of them seems inclined to get a little teary-eyed, we may have a problem.


Um, you do realize that is not real snow, right?

Sigyn sure does have a way with animals.


No, sweetie, the donkey can not come and live with us. Why?  I can give you three very good reasons.  1) Fisi would chase it,  2) It would miss its silly old bear friend who just went into the box, and 3) you would be sad when its tail falls off.

The human female has a rather astonishing collection of glass fruits and vegetables.


Putting them all away safely is a bit like a puzzle.  What are we looking for to fill this last space, Sigyn?  We have the carrot, the peas, the potato, the pepper, the pear, the cauliflower, the leeks, the watermelon, the grapes, and the turnip (which has a FACE!)–so what goes here?


No, I don’t think it is the fig.  See?  The fig is sparkly and has a different sort of crown on top. It is not from the set.  Oh, wait–I see what’s missing.  It’s around the back of the tree, near the bottom.  It is an ear of corn, and the human female has walked past it four times.  Ehehehehe.

There are DOZENS of plain, colored balls to take down, and–


I don’t know how she does it.

As I was saying, there are DOZENS of plain, colored balls.  Too bad there won’t be quite as many next year.


>|: [



  1. I love the reference to Weeping Angels! Don’t. Even. Blink!

    … and I think it’s sweet that Sigyn wants to take home every animal she meets – she has a TARDIS heart — bigger on the inside!

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