Day: January 17, 2016

It Must Be a Hybrid

The humans have made a quick trip to the Big City to the South to visit the Knittery Friend and her family.  As usual, the human female has dragged us all to the big market in search of bizarre comestibles and weird produce.

While Sigyn smells every rose in the floral depatment…


…I think I’ll see what’s new in the World of Odd Fruit.  Hmm.  Apples, pears, strawberries, oranges, mangos.  Bo-ring.  I’m crushed!  No miniature kiwis?  No dragonfruit?  No–

–Ho!  What is this?


By all the creepy-crawlies of the Cretaceous!  It has scales!  It looks like some unholy hybrid of a green mango and a dinosaur.  What would such a thing even taste like?

The sign says it’s  cherry-moya.  Sigyn loves cherries.  I think I’ll surprise her.

>|: [