One Man’s Trash…

I have come to the conclusion that Midgardians are just pack-rats who have learned to talk and drive automobiles.  They never throw away anything.  (It’s not that way in Asgard. You’d think that a race whose lifespan runs to millennia would accumulate a plethora of worldly goods, but it’s not so.  Asgardians live long enough to learn that things are not important, so the whole planet has an elegant, uncluttered air.  Except for Thor’s room.  That place is a pig sty.)

But seriously, humans hang onto everything, and the more they paid for it, the more they dig in their heels and refuse to part with the tiniest particle of it.

Case in point:  Behind the large, barny building that houses the plant collection the human female works in, there is an amazing accumulation.  Years ago, the mortals in this realm essayed to build an atom-smasher. They purchased the land, cleared the giant ring track, and commenced assembly.  Sadly, the project fizzled, and for some strange reason, all the bits and oddments ended up here at the University.


It has all been joined by cast-offs from various sciencey departments on campus.  Through the years, the scraps and apparatus (scrapparatus?) has been pretty thoroughly picked over. What remains is in pretty sad shape.   Just look at that big, white, badly broken…thing.

Whatever it is, I’d like to go on record as saying it wasn’t me who broke it.


Look at this bit.  Those are some serious bolts!  It would take the Hulk to disassemble this assemblage.


And these valves.  I think these are valves.  Maybe they’re valves.


There’s more junk over here:


All of it’s rusty, most of it’s broken, and some of it is probably toxic.  Do we know what is in this big blue barrel?


We do not!  I am probably radioactive now…

This contraption looks like the re-entry module of a small spaceship.


Say, this is some pretty excellent insulation.  This could keep a body toasty even in Jotunheim!


It could come in handy some day.  I think I might have to take some of it.

Rats!  I’m losing the daylight, and there is so much more fun junk on the other side of the building.  Sit tight, fun junk–I shall return!

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