Time to Sample the Results

Do you recall the round baked things the human female made a while back?  She stuffed one of them with bacon and cheese (which was delectable), and the other was full of brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange peel.  She froze that one, hoping I’d forget about it, so she could eat it all herself.

The other day she trotted it out, let it thaw, warmed it up, and drizzled drenched it almond glaze.  It looked positively scrumptious.  Then she put on some slivered almonds and it looked even better.

Then she had to go and ruin it with some of those abominations that the Midgardians call merry-shino cherries.  (I suppose because they’re supposed to make people happy.)


They don’t make ME happy, so she has no business putting them on anything destined to come anywhere near me. Bleargh-shudder-bleargh!  Too sweet!  Too sweet!!  Cherries are for eating out of hand or for pie, woman, not for dousing in syrup and red dye.  On Asgard–Hel, even on Jotunheim!–we do not torture stone fruit in such a barbaric manner.  How did you people ever learn to walk upright and stop eating mud?

Sigyn, of course, thinks they’re “nummy” and was only too happy to eat mine as well as hers.  Then again, we all know she has a thing for cherries

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