Swag, Part III: Some Very Fun Things

One never really knows what the vendors are going to be handing out as SWAG.

Look at this, Sigyn!


This pen has a little light!  We can use it for reading in bed and harassing the feline!

And this ruler could be very useful too.  Hold your cute little foot up, and let’s see what size shoe you take.


Some SWAG items are more fun than others.


Unhand my beloved, you pernicious pincher!  Hang on, dearest, Loki’s coming!

Here, Sigyn, these won’t hurt you.


Sigyn, of course, has a favorite.


I heard the human female say the colored pencils were a door prize.  Presumably that means the show coordinators thrust them at her as they shoved her out the door.  Probably worth giving away good stuff just to see her leave.

>|: [


  1. I’m surprised the surliness of Loki didn’t warrant him a door prize of his own. Perhaps a pair of pernicious pinchers in the color of green would have been fitting?

    1. One had to fill out a tedious survey card and then be polite to all the vendors and collect stamps on a card at all the booths. I cannot be bothered with all that just for the sake of a koozie or a travel mug.

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