I’m rethinking keeping the planner.  It might be more useful to let the human female have it.

Suitably altered, of course.


>|: [



  1. Oh, I’m not selfish. My wishes are all for other people:

    For Sigyn
    –trip to petting zoo
    –new box of crayons, half of them red
    –cake (I might have a taste)

    For Fisi
    –bones to gnaw, preferably those of my enemies

    For the Feline
    –singing lessons, so she can improve her volume and pitch

    For the Human Male
    –six more glasses cases, because four is not enough

    For the Human Female
    –“Loki is my Master” T-shirt
    –big jar of pickled beets
    –year’s supply of chocolate (she can’t eat it and neither does the male, so I may have to help them)

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