Day: February 2, 2016

More Signs of Spring

We are still nordling slowly around the block.  The human female and Sigyn have to stop every few steps to, I don’t know, pat dandelions on the head or something.


Yes, yes, my  love, that is a very handsome Taraxacum.

The henbit is nice, too.  But can’t we move along?


Oh, great.  Sigyn and the human female are now deep in a discussion about gynobasic styles, cocci, and amplexicaule leaves.  While they nature-natter, I shall look to see what else is up.

Ah.  Yes, of course.  Right on schedule.  They’re completely reliable–some are perennial, some are biennial, and they are all as sturdy as they come.  No chilly breeze is going to topple these!  No, they stand proud and strong on sturdy stems, bright and colorful as a painter could wish.  They vary quite a bit from region to region–even from neighborhood to neighborhood!  We seem to have been blessed with a bumper crop this year. They are popping up in people’s yards and are plentiful along the roadsides.


Poisonous, though, every one of them.

>|: [