Day: February 3, 2016

A Well-earned Vacation, Part I: The Wheel of Fortune

The humans have been working very hard lately. That means it is time for a vacation!  Not for them, for Sigyn and me, so we aren’t cooped up with two tired, moaning mortals.  (The female seems to have given up sleeping, and the male has been doing the work of two people.  They are not fun to be around, believe me!)

Where shall we go my love?  I would like to take you someplace glamorous this time, someplace really unique.  And what could be more glamorous, more romantic, more glittering than the fabulous Mediterranean?  Monte Carlo, here we come!

No, Fisi, I am not including you!  Yelp and Benno are invited, but toothy, spotted carnivores are not welcome.


Or your moronic mynah chum.  (Besides, the pet entrance regulations are very strict.)


Our hotel room is very nice.  The bathtub is large enough that, if you so request, the concierge will send up a lifeguard.  (I do not need such.  One quick spell and I can breathe underwater.) The view out the windows is amazing.  Do you know, I had thought about just relaxing and walking on the beach, maybe taking in a few shows, but now that I am here, I find the lure of the casinos irresistible.

Thus, Sigyn and I find ourselves downstairs, marveling at the elegance.  The shine!  The glitter!  The sumptuous fabrics!  And that is just the clientele, never mind the decor!  Truly, we are rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite gamblers, all of them dressed to the nines.  Outside of Odin’s Hall of Treasures, I have never seen so much gold, so many diamonds all in one place.  Sigyn outshines them all, even in her simpler clothes.  Her smile is turning many a head.  As for myself, I am always the epitome of sartorial splendor.  (You might say I am dressed to the Norns…)  At first, I thought the other guests might find my horns a bit off-putting, but I suspect they think I am an escapee from one of the big shows, and I have scarce seen an eyebrow rise in my direction.

I have acquired some “chips.” What shall we essay first, my love?  This game with the colorful wheel and the table and the tiny metal ball looks amusing.


I take it one wagers upon the final resting place of the ball when the wheel stops revolving?  Very well, I shall put some of my chips on…um…22 black.  Yelp? Benno?  You prefer merely to watch?  Very well, but do not expect me to share my winnings with you.


Whirrrrrrr!  Hogun’s topknot–will you look at that!


Sigyn, you must be my good luck charm!  See, my pile of chips burgeons outrageously!


Voici vos gains, monsieur.

That croupier has the most insincere smile I have ever seen.  Let’s see how he likes it when I win again!


The other players are leaving in frustration!  Sigyn, shall I change my bet or “let it ride”?


Vous avez cassé la banque. Je vous invite à partir, monsieur.

I see.  It would seem that we are no longer wanted in this establishment.  Come, friends, let us take our custom elsewhere.

>|: [