Day: February 4, 2016

A Well-earned Vacation, Part II: What a Vulgar Name

Here we are in another gaming establishment.  Different decorating scheme, same gussied-up, over-moneyed people.  Yelp has suggested I eschew roulette in this house and attempt a dice game, one with the unfortunate moniker “craps.”  “Craps”?  Really?  They couldn’t think of a better name?  You know, If I had a penny for every hour spent dicing with Thor and his cronies growing up, I probably could probably afford to enforce a world-wide change of name for this game.

I see there is another player in this game, a woman tarted up in something armor-like,  short, and revealing–I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t Sif!


The dealer?  Same tux, same white gloves, same supercilious smile as in the other place.  The hair is different though.

Ugh!  The dealer is droning on and on, explaining the  complicated rules.  So I’m supposed to throw the dice to see what my “point” is?


I have thrown a seven.  I am a “natural,” hahaha!  (Craps pun.)

I think I am getting the hang of this.  I have won on several rolls now.  The snotty dealer is still acting as if my chips are not good enough for his house.  (Which is stupid because the chips belong to the house and…  Augh.  Never mind.)


Sir a roulé des yeux de serpent. Tsk, tsk! Quel dommage!

Uh, oh.  I’m trying to remember what this roll means, but the gleeful, smarmy sneer on the dealer’s face tells me that it is not an auspicious one. Now he’s reaching for my chips.  Here, let me wipe that smirk off for you.

(fling! whap!)


There is more than one way to make a point.

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