Day: February 5, 2016

A Well-earned Vacation, Part III: The Turn of a Friendly Card (Not)

Well, that ended badly.  So craps is not my game.  Perhaps I will have better luck in a new casino, playing with cards.  This looks easy enough–try to draw cards that add up to twenty-one.  How hard can it be?

We seem to have a female dealer this time.  Same suit.  Less smarm.  She’s asked Sigyn to cut the deck.


Come on, Yelp.  It’s more fun if I’m not the only one playing.  I’ll stake you on this hand.

धन्यवाद। कि तपाईं को धेरै प्रकारको छ।


So far, so good.  What is it I’m supposed to say to acquire another card?  “Hit me”?


Yelp has 13, I have 18, and the dealer has 12.  I know that I should “hold,” but I believe I can subtly use my magic to influence the next card…


Augh!  Twenty three!  By Fenrir’s pointy eyeteeth, that was supposed to work!  There must be a magic-dampening field generator hidden in the walls somewhere.  Or else there’s a magic user on staff.  That is not fair!

I shall explain things to the dealer.  I am Loki.  I am a god.  I do not lose at trifling little card games, do you understand?


I think if you consult the rules again, you will find I am allowed to take your top card and subtract it from my hand, which means I have twenty-one and I win.

No, Sigyn, I will not calm d–   Oh, very well.  This is a stupid game and I no longer wish to play.  Let us depart.  Also, Benno is running away and someone needs to stop him before he gets into trouble



म दु: खी छु। मेरो मित्र छोटो-टेम्पर्ड मुर्ख ब्यक्ति छ। आफ्नो खराब बेहोरा लागि, लागि यो उज्ज्वल सिक्का स्वीकार गर्नुहोस्।

>|: [