A Well-earned Vacation, Part IV: Arrivals and Departures and Mayhem in Between

For the most part, the sporting-event-watching party yesterday was a success, in that the various comestibles were both plentiful and tasty.  The small yellow cakes had a very nice flavor.  I will have to instruct the human female to make them again.  However, the team I favored did NOT triumph, and I lost a not inconsiderable amount of money to the humans and their guests.  That is not a dire turn of events, seeing as how the money I put up was cash purloined from the human female’s wallet, but still,  I think I have had enough of gambling for the nonce.  Sigyn, what do you say we flit back to Monte Carlo, collect Yelp and Benno–and our luggage!– and take in one of the entertainments?


Here we are back at our original hotel.  This looks like a good show.  I hear that some very famous singers and dancers perform at these casinos.


Great Frigga’s hairpins!  It is a cheesy magic show.  Someone please shoot me now.  (And isn’t that the barely-clad bimbo from the craps game up the street?  Now her outfit makes a little more sense.)

Augh.  I can’t believe I teleported us all this way just to watch some idiot in a cheap tux pull scarves out of his sleeve.


That trick was old when Yggdrasil was just a little sprout.  Oh, and now he’s going to do the flowers-appearing-from-nowhere trick.


This is actually painful to watch.  At least Sigyn is enjoying it.  What’s next, pulling birds out of his hat?


One bird, right on cue.  Come on then, let’s have the other one.


I am glad the tickets to this show were free with the hotel room, because if I had paid for them, I would be looking for someone to punch right about now.  

That was predictable:  He has moved on to rabbits.


That is… not a rabbit.


Okay, that IS a rabbit.  Now let’s see you get it back in the hat.

Now he is going to attempt to saw his assistant in half.


The audience is applauding, but I can’t take this anymore.  This is awful!  Doesn’t he have an original bone in his body?  Sigyn, I know I promised I’d behave, but the urge to demonstrate some actual, real magic is just too overwhelming.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done!  Oh, stop wailing, you two. I swear it is a vast improvement.


Sigyn, have you had enough of Monte Carlo?  You have?  I am glad to hear you say that, because I think it might be prudent to make our exit at this point.


Everyone is yelling my name….and not in a good way.

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