Day: February 10, 2016

This Is Just Wrong…

Once upon a long time ago, the human female’s mother (whose birthday is today!), whilst visiting, concocted a tart-oid fruit pastry with some very unusual apples.  I saw (and tasted) the finished product, but I never got to see the raw ingredients.

Today I overheard the human female rhapsodizing about finding one of the apples again.  Citizens of Midgard, I give you…


The Pink Pearl.

I am decidedly underwhelmed.  It looks like a mildly embarrassed Granny Smith.

I shall temporarily assume the mantle of a pomological haruspex and examine its internals.

pink-pearl2 - Copy

Poke me in the eye and call me Fury!   I am as surprised as Sigyn.   I had no idea the color would be this intense. This is not merely a pink apple, it almost looks bloody, as if it had gone six rounds with the Hulk. 

While I appreciate the reddish/greenish color scheme (so does Sigyn), and I am all in favor of an apple that plays tricks, I can’t help feeling that this is quite unnatural.  This apple has overstepped the bounds of accepted spectral parameters.  It’s just not right.

Sigyn, are you quite sure you want to taste it?

pink-pearl-4 - Copy

In nature, bright colors are often meant to ward off would-be eaters. Any foodstuff this garish is sure to be toxic.

pink-pearl-5 - Copy

Oh–she’s back for more!  Says it has a pleasant tart-sweet flavor. <nibble>  Hmm.   Perhaps it isn’t poisonous after all.

Human female, you may make me a pink apple pie forthwith!

>|: [