Day: February 11, 2016

In Which I Open Up a Tin of…

The human female has had this tin sitting on her desk for quite a long time.  I haven’t seen her open it, so I don’t know what’s inside.  If it were edible, I assume she’d have hoovered it up by now.  University employees aren’t allowed to have anything flammable, so I know it’s not one of those over-scented, canned candles (though she could use something to mask her own personal funk.)


Nothing for it but to pry it open and see for ourselves.


Well, there you have it–it’s…  It’s… I still don’t know what it is. (poke, poke, poke)


It’s shiny and gooey and very, very stretchy.


Goop, goop, goop!


Let’s see how far it goes…


Pretty far!  As near as I can figure, it’s some sort of silicone-based putty.

It’s certainly fun to play with!


>|: [