More Goopy Goodness

Sigyn and I have been having so much fun with the wily putty that we invited some friends over to play.

Muffy and Sigyn have all sorts of plans for it…


… though it appears that it makes a lousy jump-rope.

Yelp, is that…?


Why yes.  Yes it is.  A putty angel.

“यो के हो? मलाई थाहा छैन, तर यो खेल्न मजा छ।”

Arnold says it has “ze interestink ferro-magnetic properties. Observe, ze sparkly bits are minute particles of iron.”


Benno is certain it is out to “get” him and is just trying to get away.


Thor has just found out that even dents from the Mighty Mjolnir just heal right up,


while the ever-pompous Iron Man has discovered that there is a huge magnet buried in the ball of goo.  Let’s see you work your way free of THAT, Mr. Smartypants Stark!

While everyone is engaged in stretching and whacking and poking, I think I’ll take a good handful of this and work it down between all the keys of the human female’s computer keyboard.  That should be good for some very colorful language!

>|: [

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