Day: February 14, 2016

More Birthday Goodies

February is a month of many birthdays–me, the human female’s mother, and the human female herself.  Yes, she’s celebrating a natal anniversary, commemorating growing older and more decrepit.

Clearly, she doesn’t appreciate her gifts, or deserve them, because she is quite slothfully sleeping in.  Therefore, I have appropriated them for myself.

I shall start with this biggish box, sent by her mother.  She always sends good stuff, and it’s hefty, so I have high hopes.


It’s quite securely wrapped.


I’m glad Sigyn’s not here.  A)  She doesn’t need to be tainted by my larceny, and B) Scissors are sharp, her safety is paramount.

Green air pillows…Such fun to pop!


But it’s the contents I’m after.  Hmm. Some big, fat books. Look like chick novels. Boring!  What else?  A card!  Sentimental clap-trap.  But sometimes there are interesting things inside them…


I can use this.   Oh, here comes Sigyn! Sigyn, my love, I’m feeling flush.  How would you like to go out for a fancy, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner?  And would you care to help me finish unpacking the huma–  I mean, my late birthday present, which has just arrived?  (Tsk, tsk, Postal Service!)


There’s a third book in the box.  It is full of Teddy bears and kindly sayings.  Too treacly for my taste, but it’s just Sigyn’s size and she’s thoroughly captivated.  Dearest, it’s all yours!

By my pointy helmet–there is another package here on the table!  It is from the human female’s aunt. This could be anything. 

Ooooo!  Maple fudge!  (Much too good for the human female!)


And what’s this other thing?  The aunt is very crafty. This could be fruitcake or a painting or…


… a spoon.  I don’t get it.  What are you doing?  What’s so fascinating?


Ehehehehehe!  Sigyn, you look FUNNY!


The note says this is a family heirloom, meant to be taken to a jeweler and made into a ring.  What a waste of a good spoon!  Obviously, this is meant for my sweetie and me to eat ice cream with on very special occasions!  Like birthdays!  I’ll go dig the Blue Bell out of the freezer and you go get the bowls!

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