Day: February 16, 2016

In Search of Posies, Part II: Sea of Bluets

I think we have found what the human female wanted to see most–a large patch of tiny little bluets.


They appear to come in a variety of sizes and colors, all of them “cute.” Sigyn is cooing at each and every one of them.  I will just sit here while she bounces from plant to plant, trying to choose a favorite.  She had the same difficulty last year.

(an eternity of squeaking later)  She’s leaning toward the minuscule white ones.


Sigyn, don’t you remember these?  Of course you do.  You never forget an old friend.  You’re just happy to make the re-aquaintance.

Oh, look–what’s that red over there?  Is that another type of flower?


Sadly, no, just some colorful geranium leaves. Still, Sigyn loves them.

Um, Sigyn, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are fire ants down here in the grass. Let us get up from our loamy squattings and gain a loftier perspective on the flora.


This is just what I had in mind. This juniper offers a great view of the flowers scattered about.  Sniff, sniff!  It is also loaded with an aromatic resin which, I suspect, has wonderful combustible properties.  You keep an eye on the humans and the hyena, while I gather some of these fragrant bark shreds for, uh, potpourri.   Yes, that’s it.  Potpourri…

>|: [