Day: February 19, 2016

D is for Doodle, and also Disturbing

Ugh, meetings.  The human female has to attend several each week.  During them, her attention inevitably wanders like a lobotomized sheep in a meadow full of tasty buttercups. To help keep her mind in the present, she has become an inveterate doodler, and the margins of all her notes are defaced with inky scribblings.  Usually, she draws cats and horses and flowers and bugs and pieces of cake.  Lots of cake.

Lately, however, her artwork has taken on a more sinister tone.  I mean look at this!


By Heimdall’s golden contacts, what IS that thing?  And it’s not alone–she’s drawn a whole school of fangy nightmare eels.

And what about this?!


A cat-elope?  A tiger-gnu in footy pajamas?  I can’t even…  What goes on in her head?

Oh look–this one has a disturbing little caption:


Not content with one anxious, maladjusted feline, she has covered half a page with them!

Human male, I suspect your female has problems.  I think counseling is in order.

>|: [