Interesting, But I Still Won’t Take My Hat Off

Sigyn and I have been to the Memorial Student Center on campus before, but there is always something we have missed.  It’s a pleasant day out, so we have ambled over to see what’s what.

There is a man out front speaking at great length and volume on some religious subject.  Hmm.  If this is a Free Speech area which one can reserve, perhaps I should secure the spot several times per week and present my Manifesto for world domination.  If I hand out cookies, I should draw quite a crowd.  That usually works with mortals–sucker them in with sugar, then pitch to them while they’re in a carbohydrate coma.

The largest room downstairs in the MSC (which I think should stand for My Splendid Conquest) is the Flag room, where I was once admonished to remove my glorious helm.  No one today has dared to make the same request of me. No, Sigyn and I are free to look around.


She likes to watch the students.  I am imagining all of the banners replaced with my own colors.  And the large globe (which doesn’t actually feature the Midgardian continents) will have to be swapped for one that shows the progress and extent of my empire.

Sigyn is intrigued by a large cabinet full of decorative table ceramics.


I thought that was a trifling and useless collection, until I realized that each plate depicts a battle scene from the history of this realm.  I shall have to ascertain whether the potter in Staffordshire is still in the business of creating celebratory transferware.  If so, I shall commission a service for twenty commemorating my glorious conquest.  Black and green, of course.  None of this blue and red stuff.  (Sorry, Sigyn.  Red is your thing, not mine.)

There is music coming from one corner of this room.  A large keyboard instrument has been placed there, and anyone who likes can drop by and practice or perform.  The  young man making melodies today is favoring us with a mixture of movie themes and the University’s fight song and marching band tunes.


I think I will commission a grand opera lauding my exploits.  Sigyn, you discuss it with this young man while I find someplace very safe to put his large gold class ring which he has so carelessly set aside…

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