Day: March 1, 2016

A is for Aggravation

A is for Airborne Pollen.  A is for Allergies.  A is for Allegra, the human female’s anti-sneezamine of choice.  She used to get it cheaply by prescription, but I saw to it that when it went over-the-counter her insurance stopped covering it.  It’s not exactly cheap, even in generic form, so she hoards them and only uses them when she really, really needs some relief.

Today she is sniffling and sneezing and making other Undignified and Revolting Noises.  I don’t know about her, but I need relief, so I have demanded that she break out her emergency sample pack.

Here, you sniveling snot-bucket.  In the interest of some peace and quiet, I will even help you open it.


Non-drowsy formula?  Does that mean your post-lunch nap is off for today?


By Idunn’s apple dumplings!  Talk about over-packagingSelf-promoting over-packagingGarish, self-promoting over-packaging!  Let’s get this miracle pill out and hope it’s effective.  (If it doesn’t do the trick administered orally, I shall magic up two more and shove them up her nostrils.  Anything is better than listening to her honk and snort!)


Ugh!  This plastic is impervious to my impressive dagger skills.  Time to break out the big gun(gnir.)


Take that!  And that!



Here, mortal.  Take your stupid medicine.  I do hope this tablet lasts the whole 24 hours, because this is too much like work to want to do it again soon.

>|: [