A New Specimen for the Collection

The human female’s work group boasts an impressive number of zoological specimens–pickled critters, shells, skulls, etc.–sad remnants of all sorts of luckless fauna who would no doubt rather be still scurrying, crawling, swimming, or flying about.  Such is the price of education.

Looks like someone has donated another little something to the collection.  Or rather, a big, fierce-looking something.


Meet Ursus arctos horribilis, the North American grizzly bear.  Don’t be alarmed, Sigyn.  This is only part of a grizzly bear, and it can’t hurt any–


Unhand her this instant, foul beast!  Release my beloved or I shall blast your mandible from your maxilla and your occiput, and scatter your bicuspids and incisors to the four winds!


Dearest, are you all right?  Sigyn, I am SO sorry, Sigyn!!  I had no idea that unbodied Mister Skinless here could still bite!  I’ve put a long-lasting stasis spell on him, so he should be docile enough to explore now, if you’re feeling up to it.

You know, as a predator myself, I have to admire another that is so cleverly constructed. See how cunningly the tempro-mandibular joint works? And here’s his auditory canal and his zygomatic arch.  If you look inside his nasal cavity, you can see the curly bits of bone called conchae or turbinates.  Fenrir explained them to me once–they function to funnel air and to provide a lot of surface area to warm and moisten incoming air so that smells can be processed more efficiently.  If you look closely–


Not that closely.


You’re stuck in there, aren’t you?

Sigh.  Here’s a sentence not previously uttered by god or mortal on Midgard in the whole of recorded history:  “Human female, will you help me tip this bear skull up and shake my girlfriend loose?”


Much obliged.

>|: [



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