Day: March 7, 2016

In Which I Fail to Think Things Through…

It is a pretty day, so Sigyn and I are going to try out the swan boat which the Best Bloggers Bureau sent for my birthday.  We have brought it out to the fountain in front of the Chemistry Building, that being the nearest pond-like body of water.


Well, Hel.  Sigyn, what didn’t we bring?  The picnic?  Oh. Yes, we did forget the picnic.  We also forgot paddles.  Of course I could maneuver using my magic, but the human female, who is standing right there looking dimmer than usual (she forgot paddles too) is worried that the boat could drift into the center of the fountain, from whence she might not be able to retrieve us.  (She likes to think she has some control over what I do and where I go.)

Aaack!  Do you see what she has done?  She has fashioned a tether of sorts out of a strip of plastic bag.  It could not look trashier or lamer if it tried. I am mortified.  The swan is mortified, and it is made of plastic. Sigyn would be mortified if she weren’t such a blithe spirit.  Sigh. Can we just launch this so we can say we went for a boat ride, please?


Well, this is… less than optimal.  It’s dark in the shade, squinty-bright in the sun, and supremely BORING to be sitting motionless in a swan boat on a raggedy TETHER in a trifling little fountain. And people are staringEnough!  Reel us in, mortal.  We will try this again at a future date when we are all a little better prepared.

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