Day: March 10, 2016

A Guide to the Campus Flora, Part II: Looking on the BRIGHT Side

Thank the Norns, we quickly descended from the Tree of Emesis and have crossed the campus to have a look at the planters in front of Sbisa dining hall.  There are some interesting plants here. Even the human female, with her much-vaunted botanical knowledge, is impressed.

Sigyn likes this vine.  It is awfully… showy.


And this!  This is a Salvia, but instead of having properly sedate red or blue flowers, it has garish, bicolored blossoms.  The human female says it is called “Hot Lips.”


Gaudy” is what I call it.  I can’t imagine it plays well with other plants.  But it’s fun to climb–care to join me?

Oh, look at these.  Sigyn is now a very happy girl.


It doesn’t matter that they also come in a pastel version with cunning little markings…


… No, with Sigyn it’s red, red, and only red.

>|: [