Day: March 24, 2016

Dragged Into the Field Yet Again

The human female has returned to the scene of one of her crimes.   You may recall that back in October, she went to a field day in a neighboring county, for which she was given a gift she didn’t deserve, which is just the same as stealing.  The nature folks invited her back out to their property again today.  Sigyn and I have come along to see what the spring flora is doing.

It’s making flowers, that’s what it’s doing!  Before we even left the sandy yard around the house, we found these astonishing blossoms.


Um, is that the proper color?  I seem to remember that these should be BLUE.  There are also some white ones, some purple ones, and some lavender ones.  I wish I could say that I used my magic to make them different and more interesting, but I can’t take the credit.  Blame the human female.  When she’s around things often go wrong, even when I’m NOT involved.

(That’s not to say I haven’t contributed to today’s fun.  I knocked the human female’s hat out of her arms as she was loading all her clobber into the car this morning, so she arrived without it.  She looks even worse than usual in a borrowed hat.)

Onward!  It is a very pleasant day, not too hot, and not too bright to photograph white flowers.


Oh, do be careful, dearest!  Not only do you look precariously perched, but this Rusty Blackhaw is drawing bees!  While you’re hanging there, note the thick growth of reddish-brown hairs on the undersides of the leafstalks.  The human female says that’s how this plant got its name.

These blackberry blossoms show up nicely too.


This is not the usual local dewberry. No, this one is more upright.  Ow! But no less prickly!  Ow! Anyone who aspires to pie is going to have to offer a blood sacrifice.  Blast it!  My only consolation is that the human female is getting similarly shredded.

Perhaps we could turn to this tree for relief.  It’s a little known fact that willows grow in all nine realms (or did grow–Jotunheim and Svartalfheim have been just a tad ruined), and on each of them the bark is used as a relief for pain.


Sigyn, if you want to gather some of the thin, whippy branches, I will help you make baskets later.  It’s good for that, too.

Ehehehehehe!  The human brought her garish red rubber boots just so she could poke around in any wet spots.  Such as the fine pond. Now, I’m not saying whether I “did” or “did not” poke a hole in her right boot, but here is a hint: she is currently doing the AckIhaveawetsock Dance.  Whatever may be offshore is going to be left unmolested.


FINALLY! After a morning of Traipsing About, it is time to head back to the house with its wine and cheese capacious veranda so we can peer at the samples we’ve collected and identify the ones the human female wasn’t sure of.

Such as this Fuzzy Phacelia.  (No, really!  That’s what the book says is its actual name– Fuzzy Phacelia!)  Definitely not to be confused with #2., Smooth Phacelia…


Ehehehe!  Sigyn, are you sure it isn’t Scallopy Hatweed?

Idunn’s little green apples!  This one is called Rare Loco Milkvetch!


You can tell the human female wrote this book–she made up the names, I just know she did!  They sound even better if you read them out loud with a sideshow barker’s voice:  “Step right up, ladies and gents, and see the Rare Loco Milkvetch!  Not too close there, sonny boy, it’s been known to bite when cornered!”

Um, I don’t generally babble.  I think I may have gotten too much sun.  Sigyn, gather up your flower hat and let’s shoo the human female towards the car and head home.

With one more stop so my sweetie can study the trees, of course.


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