Day: April 5, 2016

That Which Will Not Grow Back Home, Part II: They Aren’t All Pink

The females are still flitting from bed to bed inspecting Azaleas. (Well, Sigyn flits.  Let’s face it–the human female galumphs.)


Look at all that pink.  So much pink. I am becoming weary of pink.  Thankfully, Azaleas do come in other colors.


See?  Red and white.  And look–something yellow there in the distance!


Sigyn likes these and the red ones so much that I might have to dig up the entire yard back home and magically transport in multiple tons of humusy acidic sand just so she can have these flowers for her own.

Uh, oh!  Upheavals ahead!  The human female is so smitten with these plants that she is beginning to talk of moving to Unp when she retires.

Frankly, the thought of the human female home all the time with nothing useful to do terrifies me.

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