Day: April 12, 2016

No. Just…No.

Humans frequently do things which they KNOW to be foolish and even harmful.  Take the human female, for example.  Today on campus, there was a food truck that was part of some sort of advertisement campaign targeting students, who are easy marks because, as a rule, they will eat just about anything. Also, the first, sacrosanct law of college life is “Never Turn Down Free Food,”and that is just what the truck was handing out–free food.  There was a long line of takers, and the human female–ever GREEDY–jumped right in, even though she is not a student.

This is what she has come back with.  I…I don’t recognize this at all.  I’m not sure it is even actually food.


Closer examination reveals corn-based, fried chips coated with a garish, spicy powder; chopped onions; slices of small, hot peppers; and shredded roast pork (now that bit sounds good!), all deluged with something called “barbecue sauce” and another goo which purports to be cheese.  Sigyn is properly horrified.

And the human female is eating it.   Oh, she looked at the label’s nutrition information for just the chips and was taken aback–but she has decided if she doesn’t eat all the chips it will be all right, if she “has a nice salad for dinner.” That woman can rationalize ANYTHING.

Bleargh.  I can’t watch this.  Come, Sigyn, let us go find some lunch that was not made by a large petrochemical corporation and which contains less than our body weight in salt, sugar, artificial coloring, and fat.

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