Day: April 20, 2016

More Lawn Fun

We are still poking about in the lawn.  Sigyn is so excited!  She says you never know what you might find.  I predict gum wrappers, crab grass, and the occasional ant.

But this is something:


The human female says it is called Japanese Mazus and is not very common here.  Good catch, Sigyn!  You have a keen eye for the unusual.

And a keen nose, too.  You’re right–I do smell lemon!  Where is that coming from?


From that little purple mint?  Are you sure?  Here, let me bend it down so you can take a good sniff.


Mmm.  I agree.  We should get some of this for our lawn.  The human female is beyond lax in her weeding.  She’d probably let it stay.

I wonder what other treasures we can find in the lawn.

Look at this!


What do you suppose dropped this?  Or, rather, whooo do you suppose dropped it?  Look at the fringe-y edge of your side of the feather, Sigyn.  That breaks up air flow and makes for quiet flying.  Now that we know that there are owls in the neighborhood, we will have to be extra careful if we go walking at night.  You are so cute and have a tiny, squeaky voice–I wouldn’t want Mister Owl to mistake you for a tasty snack!

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