Day: April 21, 2016

Time to Thai on the Ol’ Feed Bag

All of this poking about in lawns has made me hungry.  Luckily, the humans have been invited to try a local Thai restaurant tonight, and Sigyn and I are included in the invitation.  (I’d go even if I weren’t invited.  The humans are not the boss of me!)

The menu is… intriguing.


What in the Nine Realms is a kuay kuay?  And why isn’t the chicken lava marked as spicy?  Does that mean the other dishes are hotter than lava?  We should have brought Yelp.  He likes spicy things.


Kra prow!  Prik kling!  I am beginning to think this menu was written by the same fellow who writes the sound effects for comic books.  What do you want to try, my love?

Our hostess has ordered a traditional salad, and everyone gets a taste. Wait–doesn’t salad mean lettuce?  Where is the lettuce?  I don’t see lettuce.  What is this?


Turns out it is composed of green papaya and a host of other delicacies.  I will wait and see if the human female expires after eating it.  (It is so useful to have one’s own glorified lab rat!)  Look, Sigyn!   No ill effects.  (Nibble, nibble)  This is actually quite delicious!

The entrees are arriving.  The human female, not a big fan of spicy chilies, has opted for peanut chicken.


Mmm.  Chicken and peanuts and vegetables.  It smells wonderful!  Occasionally the female makes good choices.  (I know!  It always surprises me too!) I do believe I detect coriander, lemon grass, ginger, garlic, and cilantro.  There is a lot of food on that plate, so it is probably enough for the three of us. Especially if we don’t allow the other diners to steal tastes.  Back off, people–you had your chance to order this.

Please pass the rice!

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