Day: April 25, 2016

Making New Friends

The human female is actually shifting her carcass enough to go for a walk today.  In the opposite direction from which we usually go, there is a little bit of as-yet-undeveloped land, and someone has pastured two horses on it.

Now, I am not now and never have been terribly enamored of horses (Sleipnir notwithstanding), especially not since one performed an unscheduled carpal amputation upon my person.    Yes, I can take them or leave them.  Still,  it is a nice day, and Sigyn is excited (she loves all animals), so off we go.

One horse is much the same as another to me, but even I will not be getting these two mixed up.  One is pretty much a generic brown equine, and the other is a little thicker (it might have a bit of draft horse in it) and has a white sock.


The thinner one is an eating machine!  The Indian paintbrush flowers are disappearing into it an alarming rate.  Quick, human!  Feed it some of the carrots you stashed in your pocket.  No, Sigyn. I don’t think you should feed the horsie too.  It is very LARGE and you are very petite and tempting.  If someone is going to be bitten, I had rather it not be you.


I don’t like the way it is looking at you…  Maybe the other horse is nicer?

How rude!  The other horse refuses to acknowledge my sweetie in any way.  Just for that, you boorish nag, I will leave you with a little magical keepsake so that you do not forget your manners in future.


Here.  Have a green mustache.

>|: [