This is More Like It!

I’m still reeling from being categorized with a bunch of protozoans.  However, not all of the press I’ve been getting lately is demeaning.

Did you know there’s a volcanic feature under the Norwegian sea that is known as Loki’s Castle?  It’s true!  And it’s such a fantastic place that people want to turn it into a National Park!  Fact!

And they’ve found microbes there that may point to the origins of complex life.  Click that link–great photo! (Hmm. Perhaps that is how I ended up where I did on that blasted tree.  There are microbes named for me!  Fact!)

But–Volcanoes!  Volcanoes are awesome–huge, fiery, beautiful, and inherently more than a little menacing.  Having a volcano named in my honor is a balm to my wounded pride. And wait! There’s more!  Did you know there’s a huge, seething lava lake called Loki Patera on one of the other rocks in this solar system?  Fact!

In truth, it is the largest volcano in the solar system–it is more powerful than all the volcanoes on Earth combined. Fact!

Google the “mighty” Thor + volcano and see what you get.  That’s right, Hammer Boy, nothing. Fact!

Don’t cry.  Maybe we can find a little bitty rain shower or a not-so-scary breed of purse-sized canine to name after you.

>|: [


    1. My ego is perfectly proportionate to my greatness. To rub my toe in the carpet and mumble, “Aw shucks” with downcast eyes would be to exhibit that most loathsome trait, false modesty.

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