All in the Family–Sigyn Speaks

I have learned a lot of botany from the human female.  For instance, now I know that plants have families just like people!  One of my favorites is the Iris family, the Iridaceae.

I’ve shown you the purple irises on the side of the house before.


There are also some yellow irises in the front bed.


On our latest walk we found this white-flowered plant that has become very popular with landscapers. It is so tall that I had to ask the human female to boost me up to admire it.


I think its slanty Latin name is Dietes.

But my favorite is this teeny tiny Sisyrinchium that likes sandy places.


I’m sure Loki probably thinks I’m silly, squealing over little things that come up in lawns.  But he’s very patient, tagging along on plant walks, don’t you think?

: )


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