Day: May 4, 2016

A May Walk, Part I: Warming up for the Floral Olympics

It’s May.  And it’s an odd May.  Some of the early spring flowers are still up and about, while the late spring/early summer flowers are hitting their stride.  Sigyn is delighted, because it means she can have red AND yellow.


That is a Black-Eyed Susan  up there with the Indian Paintbrush.  Trust the mortals to name flowers after facial contusions.  There is quite a bit of variation amongst the Susans.  Some have brown or mahogany markings; some don’t.


Looks like Sigyn is practicing her parallel bar routine. The roadsides are quite yellow with these and with Coreopsis.  In places, it looks as if someone has melted a school bus.


The human female says the Coreopsis is commonly called “tick-seed.”  I listened.  I didn’t hear anything.


Sigyn?  Sigyn, are you dangling upside down again?


That’s my girl!  These skills come in handy on the high bar, rings, and uneven parallel bars.


It’s windy today, so careful on the dismount!

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