Happy Birthday, Sigyn!

I am taking a brief hiatus from my behind-the-scenes mischief to celebrate the birthday of the dearest girl in Midgard.  Sigyn has said that instead of a present she would like to have lunch at one of her favorite places.  Of course, my sweet!  Where would you like to go?

Fat Bao?  I remember eating there.  Ninety  miles or so from here, but give me a minute to whip up a teleportation spell and bao you shall have!


Sigyn, what are you going to choose?


I don’t think I want something with claws and legs.

Let’s start with the yummy bulgogi fries, sans the raw onions.  You enjoyed those last time.  And can we get the cilantro on the side?  You like it, but I think it’s a joke Midgardians play on one another, pretending it’s edible and daring each other to eat it.


Do we want some actual bao?  There are so many options it could take Sigyn a while to make up her mind.  Or not–she’s zeroed in on the Spring Chicken with commendable alacrity.


Chicken, carrots, spring onions, and greens, all on a pillowy soft flat bao.  With the sriracha mayo on the side, to add as we like.  Yuck!–there’s more cilantro, too.


Ugh!  Did you have to roll in it? Sigh.  Beloved birthday girl or no, I’m not smooching you until you take a bath

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