Day: May 19, 2016

A Big Project= Big Opportunity

The human female has started another BAP.  That is Midgardian slang for a Big, Ambitious Project.  Despite the fact that she has enough needlework projects to fill an Asgardian or Jotun lifetime, let alone a fleeting mortal one, she has decided to tackle this:


It is a very large, handmade rug featuring a lot of fat flowers and some dodgy-looking foliage.  The human female has decided that she needs to recreate this as a smaller project in something she calls “counted cross stitch.”  (She can count?  That is news to me!)

To this end, she is painstakingly charting the design, stitch by stitch.


Sign thinks this is very exciting and wants to help!  The human has her peering at the photograph of the rug and calling out things that make no sense to me, such as, “Two right.  Up three.  One left. Skip one; four,”  as she pencils them in.  She says this page shows some of the blue and white flowers.  If you say so…

It is very slow going and this is going to take a looong time.  Since the human female tends to leave her works-in-progress lying about, I foresee that I will have many opportunities to add my special touch.  See the numbers in the lower left corner?  That is the page number and notes about how this page fits in with the others.  An erasure here, an adjustment there, and the finished work will look a lot more like one of Thor’s scribbles and less like a plan for something that could, if successful, rival one of the Norns’ tapestries.

Or maybe I’ll just quietly take out one row of symbols and let the human try to figure out what’s missing…

Or I could burrow into the charting program that the human female is using to turn her notes into a workable chart and change all the specified threads to bizarre colors that do not work well together.

Or perhaps I will simply delete the source photos…

So many options!

>|: [