Day: May 20, 2016

I’m Already Helping

Yesterday I shared the human female’s new, stupid-huge project.  She’s going to need a lot of pencil and a lot of eraser to chart that thing up. I  think I can help with that.

I aim to raid the stash of lost-and-found pencils at the human female’s workplace.  Eleven lab rooms, multiple lecture rooms, and some long hallways provide multitudinous places for students to lose track of writing implements.  I mean, look at this:


No one on staff has bought a pencil in years.   I’ll just grab a handful and take them home for the human female to choose from.


Here.  How about this one?  It is just like the one you had for years and which finally ran out of lead.


This one’s out too?  Pity.


This one would do, if the lead-advance mechanism worked.  Too bad.  Next!


Hmmm.  This one has a fat, soft lead.  That’s not what you want, is it?

Uh, oh.  This one’s eraser is all dried up and ready to leave indelible blue streaks on any white surface.


Never fret–I brought you a mechanical eraser, too.


There’s a whole three millimeters left.


Aaaaaand this one’s a pen…


>|: [