Day: May 23, 2016

More Needlework Help

The human female, cheap miser that she is, lucked into a 20% off your total purchase coupon for a local shop which sells embroidery thread, and she took this as a sign from the gods (not THIS god!) that she should go buy all the thread for this huge floral rug-thing she wants to make.  Because, of course, the SACKFUL of thread she has in her Room of Lost Projects couldn’t possibly be enough.

She spent a disturbing amount of time selecting all the colors she’s decided upon.  (Do you know, she’s given them stupid names such as “darker than royal,” “medium pea,” “nearly lime,” and “bandaid.”  “Bandaid“!  What sort of a name is that?)  Then she chucked into her basket some colors that don’t appear in the original rug but which she thinks will “look good and fit in.”  Make up your tiny mind, woman!  Either you are duplicating that rug stitch for stitch or you are going off-script.  You cannot have it both ways!  She figures what she saved paid for the extra skeins of thread she put in.  And just HOW is that supposed to be saving money?  Midgardian “logic,” pfft!

When she brought the whole mess home, Sigyn was so excited she just had to dive in and wallow and fondle.


You probably can’t tell, but there are two skeins of a bright bluish green color she needs for only a handful of stitches–I changed the medium yellow she needs quite a bit of.


Also, I think I’ll spend my afternoon removing all the paper bands on each skein and then stirring the whole mess about thoroughly.  That ought to make a Norns’ Nightmare out of the whole prospect and keep the human female occupied and out of my hair for quite a time to come.


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