Day: May 28, 2016

The Great Bog Adventure, Part IV: ‘Tis a Blivet

Turns out there has been some actual scientific purpose to today’s slopping around.  The naturalists are preparing a list of plants associated with bogs in this part of Midgard.  To that end, samples have been carefully collected and pressed.  Because, as I always say, no vouchers, no data.  (Actually, I don’t always say that, because I have no idea what it means.  The human female says it a lot, though, so it must be something sciencey.)

It’s very important that the plant press be closed tightly if the specimens are to turn out nicely.


Plucking on the webbing yields a nice, high pitch, so we are good to go.


Fifty specimens, with duplicates of each.  That is a prodigiously plump press! Wouldn’t it be just awful if the straps came undone in the back of the truck at 75 mph on the way home?

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