The Great Bog Adventure, Part IV: ‘Tis a Blivet

Turns out there has been some actual scientific purpose to today’s slopping around.  The naturalists are preparing a list of plants associated with bogs in this part of Midgard.  To that end, samples have been carefully collected and pressed.  Because, as I always say, no vouchers, no data.  (Actually, I don’t always say that, because I have no idea what it means.  The human female says it a lot, though, so it must be something sciencey.)

It’s very important that the plant press be closed tightly if the specimens are to turn out nicely.


Plucking on the webbing yields a nice, high pitch, so we are good to go.


Fifty specimens, with duplicates of each.  That is a prodigiously plump press! Wouldn’t it be just awful if the straps came undone in the back of the truck at 75 mph on the way home?

>|: [


  1. Loki, I hope you did NOT loosen those plant press press straps while they were on the back of the truck… However… I wonder, wouldn’t the collected specimens been safer INSIDE the truck? Perhaps you can ask the human female for me.

  2. No doubt the overstuffed press would have been safer inside the truck. If the human female and her associated clutter had left room for it. I argued for heaving *her* in the back and letting the press ride in the cab, but she WHINED so much that the driver of the truck gave in. Silly mortal, all he needed was a gag and some rope.

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