Day: May 31, 2016

Let’s Do the Time Warp!

Ehehehehe!  The human female likes to keep tabs on my writings.  I *know* she reads this blog.  Just to make her day a little more surreal, I hid today’s posting, Fun With Cartography, back under April 1.  Fooled you!  It’s where it belongs now, but I had her going there for a while.

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Fun With Cartography

By all the colors of the Bifrost!  I simply cannot believe it!  The humans are actually planning a vacation. 


Let me enumerate my bogglements.

  1.  They are actually going to do something as non-boring as leave the state
  2.  They are organized enough to plan and not just stumble across a border on some last-minute whim.
  3.  Someone thought giving them passports was a good idea.

They are, however, going someplace they’ve been before, so they score no points for doing anything new and exciting.  They’re still in their comfort zone–it just happens to be a comfort zone a few thousand miles away.  It hardly counts

So now the house is littered with guidebooks, lists, calendars, and all sorts of tat and trinkets from their previous jaunt.  And maps.  Lots and lots of maps.  Look at this–dozens of little sticky arrows, marking places they want to go, all color coded.  Green for gardens, orange for interesting architecture, blue for museums, and so on.


Sigyn is very excited and is hoping we’ll be invited to travel with them.  Really, dearest?  You wish to be dragged around one of the world’s busiest, bustle-iest cities by those two?


Well, I see that they have the Chelsea Physic Garden marked.  You’d enjoy that, I suppose.  It’s full of all sorts of unusual plants, neatly laid out by taxonomic classification and use.  I am given to understand that the last time she was there, the human female had a nerd-gasm and had to be forcibly removed from the premises at closing time.  She says there’s a rhinoceros on the garden’s river gate, but I’m fairly sure she’s lying.


Sigyn is unexpectedly keen on history and thinks she would like to visit this famous castle cum prison.  I think I have had enough dungeons to last me a lifetime, thank you.

Looks like they have this place flagged as well.


Hey, Thor, isn’t this the place  you’re not allowed to go back to, on account of how untidy you left it last time you were there?

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