Honey, Have You Seen…?

It is a known fact that the human female becomes six different kinds of unglued when she has to move or pack or otherwise be separated from her “stuff.” There are lists and plans and discarded plans and NEW plans and worries and frettings and panics in all sizes.  Usually, I make popcorn and sit back to enjoy the show.

The Pack-n-Prep frenzy is in full swing.  The human male keeps trying to tell her that they are traveling to a civilized country.  Anything they forget can be purchased.  The airline has a record of their flights. The hotel has their reservation.  There really is only one thing she must absolutely have upon her person when she exits the house.


See that?  That is an extremely valuable document.  It has all sorts of official seals and watermarks and ID chips.  Very respected.  Very sophisticated.  Very essential for overseas travel.

Very easy to hide.

I’ve got to make this good.  Under the sofa with the dust bunnies rhinos?


Or maybe under the fridge with crumbs and spiderwebs?


How about in the spice cupboard, between the green stuff in a baggie and the other green stuff in a baggie?


No, she does actually look in the spice cupboard sometimes.  Perhaps in with the DVDs?


I know!  In with all the coupons she saves but never remembers to use.  Or sort through.  I reckon she’ll stumble upon this some time oh, three years from now


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