Day: June 7, 2016

Loki in London, Day 4: Flowers, Fish, Rescues, and Many Japanese Things

Good morning, London!  What mischief can we get into today?  The weather is fair again, so we appear to be headed for another garden.  But first, breakfast!  There is a grocery store directly opposite our hotel, so we will just “grab something on the way to the tube.”  I am not amused, because this involves making a selection and then sitting down to eat it outside the store, like a beggar squatting on the curb.  And then there are all the weird British choices.  Great Frigga’s hairpins–what sort of flavor is this?


Points for being green, and Sigyn says it’s tasty but I’m not sure…

We’ll have a bit of walk from the Tube station to the Chelsea Physic Garden.  Remember, Sigyn, this is the place you were so excited to see.  You have to be looking for it because it’s hidden behind some tall walls.  Inside, it is very pretty. Even I will admit that.


Sigyn has lost no time in picking out some favorites.

Pinky-purple things.


Pansy things.


Little blue things.


Enough.  There are only so many “sweet” and “darling” flowers a man can look at.  I’m off to find something worthy of the God of Mischief.

Found it.


Come to Loki, you beauty…

We seem to have been here forever. The humans have taken another boatload of photos and the female has not ceased lamenting her brown thumb and voicing her ardent desire to move to this realm.  Does she really think she will miraculously become less phytotoxic just by changing her geo-coordinates?  Please, can we be done now?  Come, Sigyn–Sigyn?   Where is Sigyn?!  Mortals, if you have abandoned her AGAIN, my wrath will know no bounds.  You are already in abundant excrement from yesterday. We must institute a search immediately!


Found her.  Not abandoned, just wandered off, distracted by danglies.  It happens.  Frequently.

(later.)  We had lunch in Partridge’s, which is a fancy food shop that also serves lunchy-things.  The feeble-minded  humans didn’t comprehend the menu or the ordering etiquette (counter vs. table) and ended up with about three lunches’ worth of food between the two of them.  And the human female wonders why her jeans are tight…

Now we are wandering the charity shops in search of a wool sweater to replace the one I took out of the human female’s suitcase before we left.  Rats!  She found one in the second shop.  I will have to try harder.

We are also looking for a Japanese garden that is supposed to be located in Holland Park.  We have found the park all right, but the Kyoto garden has so far eluded us and we are traipsing about in a truly daft manner.

Oh.  This might be it.


Fish kites, flowers, pond.  Yes, I think we have found it.


Sigyn, you will want to be very careful around the koi.  Do not forget that you are snack-sized.


It is getting late and turning cold.  Let’s go get dinner and– Hogun’s topknot! What is that?


Mortals, take a photo of us to add to my scrapbook of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  If I live to be six thousand, I will never understand Midgardian sculpture…

Now we are poking in a Japanese import shop.  They stock gel pens in good colors.


Unfortunately, they also have a lot of glassware.


Sigh.  Hang on, Sigyn, Loki’s coming.  I do not know what it is with my beloved and glassware…  Every. Single. Time.

(still later)  The humans are continuing the Japanese theme by having some little oriental noshables at one of the restaurants in a large Whole Foods store on Kensington High Street.  Sigyn and I are looking at all the unusual comestibles.   Sigyn isn’t sure what’s in this package,


but she thinks the bear is cute.  “With no added nonsense”?  That is not for me!

But these might be.  Untrustworthy fishies, ehehehehehe…


I must show them to Sigyn.  Sigyn?  Sigyn, where are you?  Sigyn!


Let her go, you knitted nuisance!  Drop her this instant or be prepared to have your scrofulous stuffing scattered all over the neighborhood!

Whew. That was close.  And since the mortals are becoming tired and whiny (nearly ten miles afoot today, and I have made good on my threat to make the female’s shoes unprecedentedly uncomfortable), we will now head for the hotel and rest up for tomorrow.

>|: [