Day: June 9, 2016

Loki in London, Day 6: Celebrating the Arts Decorative, Horticultural, Culinary, and Musical

Today is to be devoted to the arts.  Yay, culture.

We are doing another Waitrose breakfast.  While the humans are inside, choosing what they want to eat, Sigyn and I are admiring the flooring in Gloucester Arcade.  We decided to color-swap today.



By Volstagg’s crumb-filled beard!  The humans are eating while running for the Tube and while riding.  I’m pretending I don’t know them.

Our goal this morning is the Geffrye Museum.  (Yes, that is spelled properly–it is one of those words which looks incorrect no matter what.)  According to the humans, it is housed in a long building which used to be an almshouse.  Now it “documents how the furnishings and home life of the middle class have changed since about the (Midgardian) year 1600.”  Really?  This is hardly a fitting pastime for a god and a the rightful King of Asgard.  I do not care how peons lived!

Sigyn, however, finds the staged rooms “charming.” Very well, beloved.  I will go along.  I will sit in the replica chair.


But I won’t enjoy it.

Table, rug, china, table, picture, chair, table.  Repeat.  Oh, good–we have reached the ugly, modern furnishings, which must mean we are done!

This is better.  Outdoors, there is a series of rather nice gardens.


Sigyn and the human female are quite beside themselves.  They have just hugged a Cox’s Orange Pippin apple tree…

Every flower must be admired,


every label read, and every little violet greeted by name.


Odin’s eyepatch!  It is now the middle of the afternoon.  I did not think it possible to take up half a day with antimacassars and wisteria, but we appear to have done so.  I can’t be the only one who is now famished.  That hastily-gobbled breakfast was a long time ago, wasn’t it?

The feeble human female is feeling the effects of yesterday’s dismal weather and is droning a soliloquy about her impending head-cold.  Thus, we are in search of something warm and curative.  Since we are in a part of town which is home to a large handful of Vietnamese restaurants, the likelihood of encountering some hot noodle soup seems good. But since the humans have taken up so much of my time with fripperies, I have arranged that each cafe has closed until the evening meal time.  So there.

Curses!  They have located one that is open for a bit longer.  There are skewers of chicken in a peanutty sauce to begin with.  There were two on the plate, but the human female has already inhaled one.


The human male has tucked into a bowl of noodles with roast pork.  (What’s the green stuff?)


The female is hoping her over-accessorized chicken soup will take care of her scratchy throat and sniffles.


You distract her, Sigyn, and I’ll slip those chilies in.  I hear they’re loaded with vitamin C.

We have now moved on to the part of town known as Westminster.  The humans have tickets to a concert this evening, but there is time to explore a bit.  Hold!  What in the Nine Realms is that?


I come from Asgard, and even so, I have never seen anything so…so decorated in my life!  (The human male says this is because I have not yet seen the Albert Memorial , whatever that is.)  Carved stone, tile, paint, mosaic, bronze, gilding–it’s a checklist of materials and surface techniques!  It is the platypus of architecture! I would bet money a committee was involved…

It has turned chilly, and the human female is snuffling in her many woolly layers, but she insists on exploring the neighborhood.  This perforce is a  s  l  o  w  process, because she stops to examine every curl of wrought iron railing and exclaim over each bit of ancient carved stone, while the human male is subjecting his camera to some sort of endurance test.

Finally!  We are now in St. John’s, Smith Square, a church-turned-concert hall.  Look, Sigyn, we have very good seats!


Now we can sit back and enjoy the works of Mr. Handel and Mr. Wassenauer.

(later.)  I will admit it–that was a very good concert.  The humans were too cheap to purchase one of the fancy program booklets, but I convinced the gentleman behind them that he did not want his, so they have pounced upon the discarded document and scooped it up to take home.  You’re welcome.  (They won’t thank me quite so much when it’s time to load all the paper they’re accumulating into the burgeoning suitcases for the trip home…)

We’ve a bit of a walk back to our Tube stop, right past some of the most iconic parts of the London skyline.  Look, Sigyn–I had them light things up in our colors tonight.


Today, London–tomorrow the world!

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