Day: June 12, 2016

Loki in London, Day 9: Peace and War and Peace Again

It is sunnier today, both weather and mood-wise.  This is good, because if morale hadn’t improved, I was going to have to start slapping mortals.

We are headed across the river–or under it, I’m not sure which, I just get on and off trains–to a part of the city we haven’t seen yet.  South Wark.  What’s a wark?

There is a biggish church the mortals want to see here.  I won’t go in, but I can peep in the front door.  Not too shabby.  Tall and light and peaceful, which is what humans seem to like best in a place like this.


However, it looks funny from the outside.


Don’t these things usually have tall, sticky-uppy bits?

Ah.  The humans inform me that this edifice was heavily damaged in one of Midgard’s great wars of the last century.  I suppose there are parts that have not yet been rebuilt. I keep trying to tell the denizens of this backwater rock that if they’d just listen to ME, they wouldn’t have to worry about petty annoyances like wars anymore.  So far, no takers on my offer of a benevolent dictatorship.

It seems war is to be the theme for the day, as our next stop is the Imperial War Museum.  (I think the human male must have picked this.)  The core of the building was once a hospital for the insane, which somehow seems fitting.

Inside, there are various war machines suspended in the atrium.


(What is that boat doing there?)

The rest of the museum has exhibits on various weapons and wars.  Even though there is nothing about magic,  it is quite interesting, and I am hoping to pick up a few pointers.  You know, just in case.

Here and there the staff have set up activities for younger visitors.  If I’d a mind to, I could sail this little ship from England to the United States and back again.  Repeatedly, as the five year old ahead of me has just done.


The extensive exhibit on the Midgardians’ first Great War is quite fascinating, and very, very detailed.  Part of it is set up like trenches, and there is a constant assault of explosion noises down in them.  Poor Sigyn is quite over-wrought!  Come, dearest, let us go have some lunch outside in the sunshine.

After joining us for some sandwiches (I made sure the human female’s had a healthy dose of horseradish, which she abhors), the mortals have gone back inside to study the other Great War and a special exhibit on spycraft.  That is right up my alley, but Sigyn, gentle soul that she is, has had enough.  I think we shall just rest quietly here on the lawn and enjoy the daisies.


There is nothing bellicose about daisies.  I have magicked this lot and, should Sigyn care to consult some as an oracle, she will find that they all come up “He loves me.”

(later)  The humans are giving themselves a bit of a break for the remainder of the day.  For dinner we will pick up some salads and cheesy bread at the market across from the hotel and spend a quiet evening in.

Peace can be a very good thing.

>|: [