Day: June 20, 2016

And About Those Wheels That Came Off The Bus…

So just what have the humans found awaiting them upon our return from London?  Only about as much fun as it is possible to cram into one mailbox!

Among the ordinary bills and useless coupons there is this little love note from the Emergency Room from when the klutzy female mashed her hand between a cart and a cabinet a while back. (Still chuckling about that one.)


Ouch!  The hand was not, in fact, broken and has healed nicely, but that bill’s gonna sting for a while.

And what is this?  Looks like some cryptic bill-not-a-bill from the County Auto Registration folks.  The state has a new, one-sticker system for both inspection and registration, and it has confused everyone so much that even the county doesn’t know what one owes.


Well, yes, the county is supposed to be able to tap into the database that records whether the car has passed inspection.  Yes, the car did pass inspection.  Yes, the humans are going to have to go online to sort this out.  Yes, I did have a hand in designing the new system–why do you ask?

This last envelope is from the TxTag outfit, which sends out cute little bills to people who drive on their nice toll roads.  The humans were pretty much forced to drive on one in the Big City to the South when they were racing for the airport on our way to London. It should only be a couple of —


Odin’s eyepatch!  It looks like the humans have been very naughty and have racked up not one but TWO violation fees!  Tsk, tsk.  That’s what you get for not having a toll tag.  No, I do not think TxTag will care that you don’t live in a city where you need one every day.  You can call and complain about it, mortals, but don’t be surprised when they laugh and hang up.

The best part of this is that there is bound to be another bill just like this for the return trip!

If I were you, I would stop opening mail now.  Do you really want to find out what the feline spent on pay-per-view while you were gone?

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