Day: June 23, 2016

A June Walk in Familiar Territory

Sorry for the typos in yesterday’s post.  I was laughing so hard it affected my typing.  On to today!

Missing looking at gardens every day as we did in London, the human female has lost no time in getting back out into “the field” to see what has come into flower in our absence.  However, I scarcely think it counts as “getting out into the field” when you don’t go more than six blocks and are never more than 100 feet from the car.

But look at that!  It is basket flower time again!  For some reason, the humans (accompanied today by the blue-haired goddaughter)   like to take photographs of this plant every year.  Why?  Do they expect it to do something different?

They are strangely alluring.  If somewhat difficult to climb.




Sigyn has summited this bud on her own.  They really do have the most peculiar phyllaries.  (I am ashamed that I know that word.  The human female’s nerdy botanese is wearing off on me.  I think I need to go blow some things up to get my “cool” back.  Query:  Do the humans really need to own two vehicles?)


Sigyn, the humans will probably be quite some time trying to get the perfect photo.  Might as well find a spot in the shade and have a little nap…


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