Day: June 29, 2016

Good Thing There’s a Label

This was among the humans’ purchases on that ill-totaled shopping trip.  I’m glad there’s a label on this box…


…because just by looking at the pasta shapes there is no way in all the Nine Realms that I’d have identified those squiggulous abominations as bovines.

Sigyn thinks they’re “cute” and is producing those knee-jerk mooing noises that she always makes around cattle.  Personally, I don’t think they’re cute or funny at all.

And what is it with humans that they have to make their food into silly animal shapes before they will eat it?  You won’t find Asgardians making pies shaped like bilgesnipe or Jotuns freezing popsicles in the shape of ice sharks.


Seriously, people, what is the deal?


After action report:  The cows are an utter failure.  After cooking and adding the contents of the sauce packet, the contents of this box can best be described as “Classic Amoebas and Cheese.”


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